Revision Breast

The completion of revision breast augmentation
is determined by the “WHO-HOW.”

*Surgery information may vary based on each individual.

  • Operation time

    1 hour 30 minutes
  • Hospitalization or not

  • Anesthesia method

    General anesthesia
  • Recovery period

    2-3 days

flexible doctors Revision Breast Augmentation episode

Professional surgeon with over 15 years of surgical experience and breast augmentation expertise

*You should always be cautious as plastic surgery may have side effects such as inflammation, bleeding, and nerve damage depending on the individual.

Special Features of Woori Breast Augmentation
Customized breast augmentation that suits you
Professional medical staff with over 15 years of experience with breast augmentation

The completion of surgery is determined by the “WHO-HOW.”
There is no doubt that Woori Plastic Surgery Clinic’s breast augmentation is the best.


It is important to undergo surgery performed by a plastic surgeon who can derive optimal results by not only considering functional parts but also aesthetic ones.
“The body shaping operation based on years of experience is performed through an optimized surgical method according to the individual patient's condition.”

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    Post surgery & Care

Plastic Surgeon Min-hyuk Kang, Clinic Chief Surgeon
  • Plastic surgeon from Asan Medical Center

  • Specialist with 15 years of experience in breast and body shaping

  • Highest place on plastic surgeon examination

  • Consultation > Surgery > Management = Flow of total care

  • 1:1 customized solution according to condition

What is revision breast augmentation?

Even right after having surgery, many people are satisfied with their results and live happy lives. Unfortunately, there are many cases where the results are not satisfactory and have created a completely different problem.
Woori follows the “WHO-HOW” concept to ensure that there is no need for revision surgery.

Woori Plastic Surgery Clinic is the answer for revision breast augmentation.

Those Who Need Woori Revision Breast Augmentation

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    If your breast implants keep shifting.

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    If your breasts feel hard due to spherical construction.

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    If the wrong type of implant was used for your surgery.

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    If there is an unsatisfactory shape after surgery.

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    If your breasts are asymmetric after surgery.

Reasons for Revision Breast Augmentation


Spherical Construction

After undergoing breast augmentation surgery, the film around the implant becomes thicker. This can cause the breast to feel hard, leading to an increase in pain and a change in shape. This is a surgical method that removes the existing implant and thickened film to change the type or insertion location of the implant.



Breast implants may look unnatural if the bottom line is not parallel and the implants are different sizes. This can be corrected by inserting an appropriate implant that matches the size of each breast.


Size Dissatisfaction

If you are not satisfied with the size of your breasts after breast augmentation, you can have the implants removed and replaced with the size you would like. The position of the existing implant is moved in order to replace it with an implant of the desired size.


Implant, Damaged Replacement

If the implant has ruptured due to external shock or if the bag that was used is defective, the implant can be removed and replaced with a new implant in the same or different location as soon as possible.

  • Saline Implant

    This is an implant that is filled with saline and is harmless to the human body, but salt crystals can form mineral deposits. Over time, the shape of the breast may deform or feel lumpy when touched.

  • Silicone Implant

    As time passes, silicone molecules are absorbed into the film, creating a chemical stimulus that makes the film thicker. After the implant is removed, the return of the breast to its original condition may be delayed, so the film must be removed.

  • Hydrogel Implant

    When a rupture occurs in the film, the volume inside the film is increased by absorbing the surrounding moisture by osmotic pressure and the breast size gradually increases.

Stages of Spherical Construction

One Degree
The breasts feel and look very natural.
Two Degrees
The shape of the breast is natural,
but it feels hard when touched.
Three Degrees
The shape of the breast is deformed
and it feels hard when touched,
making it possible for people to
tell you had surgery.
Four Degrees
The breasts appear to look severely
deformed and feel very hard
when touched.
Highlights of Woori Plastic Surgery Clinic

What is a dry pocket?

A dry pocket can be made based on expertise to peel the space where the implant will go without causing any bleeding.

It will feel natural and is effective in preventing spherical construction.
This can help minimize pain and decrease recovery time.

Features of Dry Pocket


Increased accuracy by identifying the implantation location through a full endoscope.

Minimize Pain

Less pain and swelling to help you recover faster.

Natural Shape + Feel

Minimizes the damage to the muscle membrane when removing the pectoral muscles so it will feel natural when touching the breast.

Prevention of Spherical Construction

Minimizes side effects such as spherical constriction by stopping bleeding.


What Makes Woori Special

  • First,

    a cooperative treatment system for professional medical staff from Asan Medical Center.

  • Second,

    the ability to respond to emergencies by equipping the clinic with a variety of medical equipment such as cardiac defibrillators.

  • Third,

    one-on-one intensive care provided by dedicated medical staff after follow-up treatment.

Cooperative Treatment System

A cooperative treatment system with professional medical staff from Asan Medical Center.

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Emergency Safety Management System

Woori Plastic Surgery Clinic operates like a professional hospital.

  • STEP1

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    • Anesthesiologist resident in the clinic
      1:1 Anesthesia Dedicated System

  • STEP2

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    • Self-powered Generation System
      Built a self-powered generation system for emergency situations

  • STEP3

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    • Sterilization and Disinfection System
      Prevent secondary infection with the sterilization and disinfection system

  • STEP4

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    • Emergency Treatment System
      Respond to emergencies by equipping the clinic with a variety of medical equipment such as a cardiac defibrillator

Post-surgery Care System

The surgery may be over, but that does not mean the entire process is. We promise more detailed treatment through our follow-up care.

  • STEP1

    1:1 intensive care provided by dedicated medical staff after treatment and progress

  • STEP2

    Intensive Care for Swelling
    High frequency care

  • STEP3

    Intensive Care for Swelling
    Care for swelling caused by injections

  • STEP4

    Intensive Scar Care
    Care with laser

  • STEP5

    Intensive Scar Care
    Ointment, sheets

  • STEP6

    Intensive Scar Care
    Scar injection care

  • STEP7

    Intensive Scar Care
    Scar surgery

  • STEP8

    Final Progress Check
    Ultrasound examination